How to bluff in poker?

Poker has come from the German word ‘pochen’ meaning to brag. The true intent of the word is diagonally opposite. Poker is all about making the highest winning hand, but not letting anyone know about your game. Sometimes, a player raises a bet despite they have losing hand and wins.

When a player makes a bet to give the opponent a sense that he doesn’t have a stronger hand and make him fold, it is known as a bluff. The opponent is unable to call a showdown sensing that he will lose. Players can make a bluff at any time.

For instance, layers often portray themselves as a player who only plays when he gets a great hand. They randomly play a hand which they otherwise would have thrown. Other players come under an impression that the opponent has a strong hand, thereby folding and letting the bluffer win by default.

Bluffing is good for winning and we have two examples to make the players understand the metrics of bluffing.


Overcoming the confidence of a Nit

Nits are those players who only place a bet when they are sure they have a winning hand. It becomes easy to bluff these people. These people have a distinctive tell. They become aggressive when they face up with an opponent. If they are raising the pot without hesitation, it means they either have a straight or a flush. If they seem to be impatient, they can have a trial or a royal flush. It is hard to beat them in bluff in these cases. But if they are a little hesitant, it means they have a doubt and they might have pairs like deuces. This is the time when you can raise the bet. They will definitely fold if any other player shows even the slightest aggression in gameplay.

Beating the Maniac with his tell

These players are not trustworthy at all. Their opponents have to be very cautious and observant in making out their tell. They are very aggressive and bluff too much. For making these kinds of players restless, make small bets when they seem to get a hand. If they get genuinely frustrated with what they got, it means they were not bluffing. If they seem content, they were indeed bluffing. You may be able to identify their tells by observing these behaviours. The only way to make them crazy is to let them lose their cool and trap them by making them raise the pot and eventually winning it with a good hand.

Aggressive players always win because they bluff the most and take risks. They have a higher chance at winning because they have a good hand at showdown and they can make other fold by their bluff even if they do not have anything at all.

Therefore, you may also win the game by exhibiting a little aggression and observing each player very minutely. Poker is all about learning about others after all!

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