Casino guide: Video poker edition

Video Poker

Casinos are the only go-to places for gambling lovers. As the popularity of casinos increased, the demand for casino games also increased, resulting in the introduction and discovery of new gambling games. This includes slot machines, video slots, video poker, and so on. So, let us look at the evolution, history, working of the video poker game!

What is video poker?

Video poker is a card casino game based on five-card draw poker. But, the only difference between poker and video poker is that the way of playing them. Video poker involves a computerised console, which is very similar to a slot machine in size.

History and evolution of video poker:

Video Poker

Video poker models were commercially introduced as the first personal computers during the mid-1970s. In the 1980s, video poker became more popular in casinos as players found video poker less intimidating than traditional gaming tables and card games. Video Poker is extremely popular in Las Vegas amongst the locals. Also, the local casinos provide better odds or lower denomination machines. Furthermore, people who are skilled in calculating odds can easily make money through video poker.

How does the game work?

The game is started by inserting a bar-coded paper ticket along with credit or money into the video poker machine. The game begins when a bet of one or more credits and then by pressing the “deal” option. Later, the player will be given five cards just like a five-card draw and will have a chance to eliminate one or more of them by exchanging with new ones drawn from the same virtual deck of cards. After the appeal, the player will be paid only if any winning combination actions match the hand or hands played, posted in the paytable.

Terms used in Video poker:

There are different terms used while playing video poker. So, let us look into each one of them!

Low pay: Low pay refers to the increase in house-edge and reduction of the percentage of return-to-player.
Total pay: Full pay is usually the highest paying variant in the game, with high return to player game percentages.
Power Poker: Power poker is the most powerful and profitable strategy to play poker theoretically.
Hold: Hold is when players wish to keep the cards in their hands.
Natural Royal Flush: Natural Royal Flush refers to a unique case when there is the highest possible hand that is dealt with by the player.
Multi-Play: Multi-play is a feature offered to players that allow them to play using more than one hand.
Auto Hold: This is an exclusive feature seen in video poker where there is an automatic feature in video poker to hold the cards on behalf of the player.

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